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NHS Choices Chiropractic

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On your Initial Visit a compete consultation and examination (reflexes, orthopaedic, and neurological tests relevant to your condition will be conducted. You will then be given a written diagnosis and advice on exercises.
The most common question every patient asks, ‘How many treatments will I need?’ Generally most chiropractors will respond that a treatment course will vary for every patient depending on their symptoms/condition, age, life-style, fitness, exercise routine, occupation, habits, wight, family history, etc.
I have found very few non-chiropractic references to what constitutes a reasonable number of treatments or course of treatment. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is a public body of the UK Department of Health and they stated in the case of persistent lower back pain, that NICE recommends that treatment should include up to nine sessions over 12 weeks.

No attempt will be made to persuade you to sign up for a lengthy and costly course of treatments.  The ultimate goal of all chiropractors is the patient's health recovers so fully that they are no longer dependent upon the practitioner for further treatment.  Yes there will be some patients that have a history of significant joint injuries, repetitive occupational strains, excess weight , and other factors that regular chiropractic visits can be clinically justified.
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